Release notes

+ allow admins to edit individual profiles in frontend
+ add team and number of individual when project set in individual view
/ removed link to team if no team in results and ranking views
/ always use slug for frontend links
+ add project param to team view when relevant to restrict info
+ display drivers in team view
/ replace launchpad link with github
/ fixed quickadd for mootools 1.2
+ a tip for quick add in backend
/ fix hover for teams in results module
/ fix display of winner for rounds with no ranking yet !
/ fixed edit of individual in frontend

/ fixed allow html for subround description and comment
/ prevent error in round selection when previous saved value does not exists any more
+ added 'winner' class to result row in individual view if rank is 1
/ fixed error in team ranking for individuals without team.
/ installer fix
/ remove tracks tables on uninstall

+ add points on individual results
/ fixed installer

/ added rankingtool class to regroup ranking functions - season summary now takes subrounds into accounts for winners

/ added tootlip for ranking module
/ use helper router for link creations
/ menu item xml files for team and teams were inverted
+ added options to display round and subround descriptions in results
+ added possiblity to chose ordering of results on individual page
/ fixed display of empty dob
/ fix inclusion of mod_tracks_results.css

0.4 rev g1.4
/ fixed wrong link in individual view to round results

0.4 rev g1.3
/ fixed display of teams when no round published - check round/subround published for points calculation
+ added publish/unpublish button for project rounds
+ added parameters to autoregister plugin (map name or username, map nickname)
/ replaced id with class for fulltablelink in modules
+ Added autoregister plugin
/ added missing </th> in layouts
+ add link to round result on individual view
+ added tracks route helper
/ select round winner from round with points attribution and highest ordering

0.4 rev g1.2
+ added d0 and d1 css classes for alternate row in rankings
/ fixed error in rounds description display
/ fixed error in individual description
/ mod_tracks_results css independant from component
+ separate css for ranking module
/ prevent warnings in ranking if an individual having results was removed
/ renammed class Countries to TrackCountries to prevent conflict with other libs

0.4 rev g1.1
/ fixed bug in quickadd script

0.4 rev g1

+ adapted quickadd script from Brett Hooker (, replacing extjs with mootools (less pretty, but lighter)
+ added support for content plugin on team and individuals descriptions

0.4 rev 145

+ hooks for link to community components profiles in individual view
+ CB integration now done in a plugin
+ added jomsocial plugin
+ points attribution is now defined in subround types.

0.3 rev 135

+ fixed ordering with decimal points

+ directly add bonus points to points in round result view

+ query for team small picture in ranking queries, to be used in views (by override for now).

0.3 rev 130

+ bonus points can be decimal

+ added translations in frontend english language file

+ remove the country 3 letters (was replaced by flag) in displays.

+ added ordering parameters for projects view.

0.3 rev 121

+ display and sort by individual number in subroundresults.
+ fixed CB link in individual page.
+ count bonus points even in subround types that do not count for totals.
+ fixed 'new' button in subrounds result

0.3 rev114
+ Participants are not automatically added to subrounds any more. This way, you can select which particpants DID participate to a subround.
+ better form validation in backend.

0.3 rev108
+ fixed no point in ranking bug.
+ added php 4 support.

0.3 rev104
+ added utf8/nonutf8 sql install !
+ added logo.
+ added method upgrade to component install.
+ added ical export on project view.
+ open results items links in same page.
+ view alias in lists in backend.[/quote]